Happy Birthday Memphis!

9 May 2010 by admin, 4 Comments »


Memphis William Charles August was born 3:21 pm Saturday May 8th.


  1. Brooke says:

    AWWW!!! Glad he’s here…need more pics! Cuz you totally don’t have enough going on :-)
    He is beautiful, I can’t wait to meet him. Great job, Mom and Dad!

  2. Amber lee says:

    Vince this is a beautiul picture… Your face tells it all, tired, happy, relieved, worried…. But all together LOVE !!!

  3. juli says:

    What a beautiful picture! Vince, you have such an amzing look on your face that I’ve never seen before; its the look of the love, comfort & peace a father has. I am so very proud of you, and Alexis! I love you all so much & this picture brings tears to my eyes because I am so happy for all of you! I wish I could be there to hug you all.
    With love, hugs & prayers,
    P.S. Jim sends his best wishes!

  4. Juliette says:

    This is absolutely precious! I can’t wait to see some photos of Mommy and the little guy too! Congratulations to all of you, you’re a beautiful family!

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