Off to a bumpy start.

11 May 2010 by admin, 14 Comments »

About an hour after Memphis was born he was taken to have a routine echocardiogram in the Kaiser nursery. The technician suspected he had any interrupted aortic arch (a condition in which blood is not delivered from the heart to the lower organs because there is either a piece of the artery missing or is some sort of blockage) and he was rushed over to the NICU at UCSF.

A very kind and wonderful nurse had Alexis transferred over there so she could be in the same hospital as Memphis. Late Saturday he received a second echocardiogram during which the tech “didn’t see the same issue that Kaiser had seen.” Sunday morning another echocardiogram confirmed that the issue wasn’t that the arch wasn’t there, but that it was going around the opposite side of his body. While this has its own set of potential complications, its in and of itself is not an issue.

Also during this time his white blood cell count was high, while his blood platelets were low, leading them to put him on antibiotics and ultimately resulting in a blood transfusion. He tolerated both treatments well and has shown great improvement.

There are a few milestones Memphis has to pass before he is allowed to come home with us. His doctors current projection is as much as a few weeks. As of today (Tuesday) Memphis is still under the bluelamp (a light therapy to fight jaundice [which I should point out, he doesn't ACTUALLY have, but is being done as a preventative measure]) and has started consuming the required amount of formula, in addition to the milk Alexis is providing. Within the next few days he could be only on breast milk which would be a big win for us and a solid step on the path to him coming home with us.

The timeline is uncertain, we had originally thought he was coming home on the 11th or 12th, then because of his continuing issues it was going to be up to a few weeks. As things develop we’ll be sure to post updates.

The kind words, love, support and prayers of our friends and family have helped us through a very difficult process. Thank you all.

I’d like to give special thanks to our birthing advocate/personal RM/personal savor Foster Atwood. He helped us in so many unique and important ways through this entire process and deserves a medal. We love you, and thanks so much for everything.


  1. kory says:

    Thanks for the update and I hope and pray that Memphis continues to do well. I am also happy to see that you seem to be hanging in there. I wish all three of you the best and hope Memphis comes home soon!

  2. Brad says:

    Very Happy for the update and it sounds like you’re keeping your spirits up (at least in text). All the best!

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you for the update. Tell Alexis all her friends at Athleta are thinking of all three of you and sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  4. Roxy says:

    Thank you for the update and I’m so glad he is doing well, same as for Alexis and your self! Can’t wait to see more photos;)

  5. Jenny says:

    My 8 year old was premie, born at 30 weeks. Not the same thing, but with it’s own set of complications. You all have my full support. Let me know if you need anything. I mean it!

    Congratulations to all of you on this new life!


  6. Juliette says:

    Thanks for the update, and we’ll keep you in our thoughts. It sounds like you’ve got a really great team taking care of you guys, and hopefully you’ll be home before you know it! I can’t wait to meet the little guy. Give Alexis a hug and kiss for me!

  7. Renee says:

    We’re all sending our love and support.

    Love you guys.

  8. Gail Edney says:

    Vince and Alexis, I’m sending you and Memphis (great name!) healing love and light for all of you. This to will pass, and our medical system is the best in the world. You will be fantastic parents to your wonderful little boy. Gail

  9. Jean says:

    Thanks for the update. I’m glad things are going better for all three of you. What an ordeal. If I can do anything to help you out, please let me know.

  10. Kim says:

    Stay strong you guys. You have so much love to give… just keep up your strength. The puppies are being well taken care of so no worries there!

  11. Kirsty says:

    Thank you for posting this update! My mom, sister, and I have all been so worried. We’re glad that he didn’t need surgery right away, but we feel for you and everything you and Alexis are going through. I can only imagine what it’s like to not be able to take your baby home after being born. I’ll keep you all in my prayers, and I’ll be waiting to hear about any and all improvements. Anything you need, just let us know. We’re here for you! I love you all, and I hope things start looking up SOON. Love you!!!!!!!!!

  12. Eileen says:

    Thank-you for the information. I will pass this webite on to Nana Dee. Congratulations to you both. You are both such wonderful, loving people that Memphis is so blessed to have you as parents. As well as he to be your son. Keep us updated! Love to you both,
    Aunt Leenie

  13. Aaron says:

    I’m so happy you’re all in good hands- have been keeping you in mind and heart throughout. With love -Aa.

  14. Rosa Turner says:

    Vince and Alexis and Memphis, what an incredible story and thank goodness for modern medicine. All the right helpful hands are coming your way, including ours and all our prayers and love that Memphis will develop strong and healthy and will make his parent proud all his long life! We will look forward to meeting Memphis during his outings about town!

    Rosa and USF Gang

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