So Now, The Good News.

11 May 2010 by admin, Comments Off

Baring any unforeseen complications, Memphis should be coming home as soon as Friday.

Essentially the concern was that his aorta twisted to the right instead of the typical left, and that could cause some restriction of his air ways, they havent seen or heard any signs that this is the case or could be the case. They also know his PDA will close on its own like any typical baby. His “billy’s” are up! Meaning no jaundice!! Woohoo! However, they need to monitor him for the next 24 hours to make sure that his “billy’s” stay low. He is absolutely stunning, and impresses all the nurses with how calm and sweet he is. Also, any concern of low muscle tone was banished after he was lifting his head clear out of his mommy’s hand while breast feeding on DAY 2… Please ladies and gentleman, gather your jaw’s from the floor. Thats right, little Mr. Memphis has EXCELLENT muscle tone, and incredible strength, and I think he demonstrated that clearly with his speedy recovery.

- Alexis

To all of you who have sent texts or left a message with either of us and haven’t received a response, we are sorry. We’ve has a bit less than no sleep for the past few days, and our phones have been a low priority. Thanks for sticking with us.

- Vince and Alexis

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