The First Week Home.

23 May 2010 by admin, Comments Off

Sorry that this post is so long overdue…

After memphis was released from the  hospital he was having some issues regulating body temperature (within hours of being born he was in an incubator and  blue light therapy so his body never had time to adjust) and so we’ve been trying to keep our house nice and warm for him. Those who have visited us in the past week have walked into an 80 degrees house. There was some concern after his second pediatricians visit that Memphis wasn’t gaining enough weight, but since then we have added more bottles of breast milk to his schedule (in addition to the breastfeeding) and so far it looks like its been helping. We have an appointment in San Francisco with his echo cardiologist tomorrow, and we should start to get a clearer idea of the timeline for his heart surgery.

In the past 24 hours or so Memphis has spent a lot more time awake, which on one hand is awesome, but for the parents who are already getting very little sleep it’s a little bit stressful. Overall though he’s doing very very well. He is feeding more regularly in larger amounts, and he is continuing to show excellent muscle tone.

I like to thank everyone who dropped by this week with food and other provisions. Your help has been much appreciated. We tried going out of the house a few times with Memphis but we haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. Hopefully soon enough will be able to start taking him out more often with us as he is tolerance for outings and immune system improves. I also like to give a HUGE thank everyone who’s donated money to the Memphis Borelli Financial Relief Fund. Your help has made a huge difference.

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