An update on the little man!

4 Aug 2010 by admin, Comments Off

So the doc thinks it’s ok for now that his breathing is this rough, he doesn’t weigh enough to increase his meds and everything else (his o2, actual respiratory rate, weight [now almost 12 pounds!!!]) was all perfect. His doctor is amazing and has been working with cardiac babies for 15 years. She is so amazing that she even gave us her cell number with an open invite to call anytime we are even a little concerned. Please continue to pray for him. We are rapidly approaching surgery and he is in a considerable amount of heart failure.
Memphis is incredible, he smiles all the time in spite of his struggle to breathe. He loves to cuddle and work on sitting and standing with lots of support. He amazes us every day with his strength and determination. I feel like the most lucky mother in the world! I love getting to spend my days with him. We so appreciate everything you have all done for us. We are so blessed to have the support and love that surrounds us. We thank you all immensely!

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