Day 1

25 Oct 2010 by admin, Comments Off

Today was our first day in the hospital. We got in at about 9 am and immediately saw one of the surgeons who will be operating on Memphis (it was a complete accident, but a happy one). After that he had a few tests run, and we started to settle in.

One of Memphis’ Godfathers (Foster Atwood) showed up an hour or so later and sat with us and watched Memphis while Alexis and I got some much needed sleep after (we didn’t sleep at all last night). Some of you might remember that Atwood stayed with us when Memphis ended up here at UCSF after he was born. In addition to being a wonderful Godfather, his knowledge (he’s a nurse), his compassion and levelheadedness have been a Godsend.

Now we are just waiting till tomorrow morning. I don’t see Alexis or I getting much sleep tonight (as I write this its creeping towards 1 AM).

As always, Alexis and I cannot thank you all enough for all your support. You are all amazing, and we are lucky to have you.

More as it happens.

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