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Yesterday Memphis had his chest tubes and backup pacemaker removed and has been taken off the oxygen. He had a slight fever which seems to have broken just after it was noticed. He has some blood word pending to double check for infection, but so far its looking like it was just a post op response.

He appears to be feeling much better today. He how has the use of both his hands back (there were a few days where both hands had stints, and he wasn’t able to use them at all) and has been way more alert and playful.

Yesterday (and some of today) he has been having some gas/stomach issues. His belly has been SUPER hard and he’s been so bloated that his innie belly button has
become an outtie. We gave him some prune juice, as well as some meds to help with gas and that seems too have solved the problem.

There is a chance we will get discharged today, though Thursday is still more likely. They are talking about moving us over to 7North (which is the transitional unit) later today, which would likely move us towards home a little faster.

Thanks again to everyone for the love, support and well wishes. It means the world to us.

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  1. Anne Johnson says:

    Hi, “Team Memphis,”

    I hope he’s doing well enough to go home today. My best wishes to you all.


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