Big ol’ update.

28 Jan 2011 by admin, Comments Off
Wow, it’s been QUITE a long time since the last update.
Things have been moving at a pretty steady pace since we left the hospital. Memphis has made an absolutely amazing recovery. He’s been laughing constantly, engaging in play, learning to eat solid food, and overall moving forward with his development at a great pace.
On the more serious side, post op there is some leakage between the valves in his heart. Currently he is on some blood pressure medication for it, but the bottom line is that it will require another surgery to correct. This may be 6 months from now, it could be 20 years. While we were hoping he wasn’t going to need any more surgeries, we are happy that the leakage appears to be minimal, and that the follow may be years away.
Memphis is now up to 3 baby food meals a day. He is doing a great job learning to eat correctly (and with the help of his occupational therapist, we are learning to feed him correctly), which is helping him to develop the skills he will use later for talking. He is also rapidly moving towards eating solid foods, and as of about 2 weeks ago, he is able take his bottle and feed himself.
Needless to say, we are so very proud of him.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words, support, love and financial assistance. Again, you guys have made an amazing impact. Thank you so much.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have some videos that I will be uploading shortly. Lots of love!

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