Music for Memphis Benefit Concert.

1 Oct 2011 by admin, 1 Comment »

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share some news for those of you who aren’t on Facebook/never check it/had to quit because Farmville was eating your life. Our amazing friend Heather Brown is putting on a benefit concert for Memphis at The Phoenix Theater in Petaluma on November 17th. We are still waiting to announce the full musical line up, but there will be music, art, raffles and a TON of Memphis!

I also wanted to thank you guys again for all your support over the past 2 years,  its been amazing having friends and family (and total strangers) help out as much as you all have. I know its a dead horse, but it’s one well worth beating.


Lots of love to you all,

Vince, Alexis & Memphis.



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  1. Jamie biggers says:

    Hey Alexis and vince. I was wondering if it was ok with you if I could play accoustic music with a few of my friends downtown the day befor and the day of the concert to help raise funds for you guys and get people to go to the Phoenix for the real concert. Kind of advertising I guess.

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