It’s a brand new year.

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Happy New Year everyone!

This site (and its lack of updates) have been on my mind a lot the past few weeks, so I thought it was high time I did some typing.

Hey! You! Thank You!

To begin, I’d like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated over the past few weeks/months/years. I know I say this every single time, but the support you have all given has meant the world to us. You guys are amazing.

The “Music for Memphis” benefit was amazing! Thank you to everyone who showed up, helped, donated and wished us well. The donations have gone a long way to helping to get rid of some of the massive medical debt we’ve accumulated since Memphis was born. You guys are seriously amazing. Speaking of medical issues…

More Surgery.

As some of you are aware, one of Memphis’ testicles is MIA. As far as the doctors can tell, it’s probably in his body somewhere floating around (sonograms haven’t been able to give us much info on its location or condition). He was scheduled to go into surgery to find it and either remove it or send it home in early November, but due to him having Hand Foot Mouth a few weeks before, they decided to postpone it for two weeks to reduce the risk of post-op complications. Then Memphis got sick again, and has been postponed to “some point in the future when he isn’t sick.”

Memphis has now been sick solidly since mid-November.

After several doctors visits he was tested and diagnosed with RSV, and given a nebulizer to treat. Since then he has been getting better, though the steroids themselves are turning him into the Incredible Hulk. Hopefully after he has been illness free for a few weeks we can set a surgery date and get this whole thing taken care of.

And the Heart?

His heart has been doing pretty well since his open heart surgeries in October of 2010. He still has a minor obstruction and some leaking between the values that is being managed with medication for now, but will require surgery at some point. He has an appointment with his cardiologist later this month, and we might have a clearer road map at that time for when his next surgery will be.

Despite his cardiac issues, he is an INCREDIBLY active child.


Memphis has been doing very well with his physical and occupational therapy. He has been reaching his goals and milestones in the time frame expected with the exception of speech. He does say a few words, and a sentence or two he occasionally surprises us with (he has yelled “DADAIDIDIT” a few times). He has however been doing well with sign language and is very good at communicating overall. He consistently surprises us, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts talking nonstop in the next few months.

Memphis loves walking, and while he still has some improvements to make, is really good at it.

His problem solving skills are (in my opinion) pretty advanced, which is wonderful, but occasionally gets in the way of some of his learning/improving of other skills. For example: trying to get him to put shaped blocks in the correct holes in his toys is hard when he has figured out that you can remove one of the sides and put the blocks in and take them out.

The future!

Is looking pretty great! Memphis is an incredible kid (though I am far from impartial) and is doing very well. Every day I look forward to the new things he’ll learn, and the new things he’ll teach me.

I am blessed.


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  1. Heide Stevenson says:

    Wonderful update, he is a beautiful child, we are all blessed to know him. He is also blessed with wonderful parents :) I love you all!

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