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21 Mar

World Down Syndrome Day!!

Today is the first World Down Syndrome Day that we are celebrating as parents of a child with Down syndrome, [&hellip

14 Nov

Home again home again.

I apologize for the lack of updates as you can imagine like to spend a little bit crazy as of [&hellip

3 Nov


Yesterday Memphis had his chest tubes and backup pacemaker removed and has been taken off the oxygen. He had a [&hellip

1 Nov

Back on top.

Memphis had his pacemaker installed this morning, and made it through the procedure without incident. He has one chest tube [&hellip

31 Oct

Bumps in the road.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Memphis had issues sleepping the night before, and those issues continued into the day [&hellip

29 Oct

Less is more.

Last night Memphis was taken off of his pacemaker and put on a backup pacemaker. This lets his heart beat [&hellip

26 Oct


At around 1:30 am Memphis’ breathing tube was removed, and while he is very fussy, he is breathing just fine [&hellip

25 Oct

Out of surgery.

Memphis was wheeled by us a few seconds ago. We don’t know anything other than he is alive and out [&hellip

25 Oct

Day 1

Today was our first day in the hospital. We got in at about 9 am and immediately saw one of [&hellip

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