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25 Oct

Day 1.

Today was our first day in the hospital. We got in at about 9 am and immediately saw one of [&hellip

18 Oct


Memphis has been having some breathing problems for the past few weeks. His cardiologist thought it would be best to [&hellip

30 Sep

A date has been set.

We just got the call from UCSF with the date for his surgery. He will be admitted November 8th, and [&hellip

4 Aug


Hi all! Lots to update! We met with Memphis’s cardiologist and he seems to think we are looking at surgery [&hellip

4 Aug

An update on the little man!

So the doc thinks it’s ok for now that his breathing is this rough, he doesn’t weigh enough to increase [&hellip

2 Jul

Long overdue update.

I want to apologize for the delay in updates. As you can imagine, its been a very hectic few weeks. [&hellip

8 Jun

Setbacks and Steps Forward.

Sorry for the delay in updates, we wanted to see how some of the events of the past week were [&hellip

27 May

Gain and Snip.

Memphis was circumcised a few minutes ago. He sounded like he did OK. He did gain about 9 oz since [&hellip

23 May

The First Week Home.

Sorry that this post is so long overdue… After memphis was released from the ¬†hospital he was having some¬†issues regulating [&hellip

13 May

And with that.

Memphis is officially home

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