7 Feb

Happy Monday.

1 Feb

Standing and laughing.

Memphis and I had some fun standing and laughing.

28 Jan

Big ol’ update.

Wow, it’s been QUITE a long time since the last update.
Things have been moving at a pretty steady pace since we left the hospital. Memphis has made an absolutely amazing recovery. He’s been laughing constantly, engaging in play, learning to eat solid food, and overall moving forward with his development at a great pace.
On the more serious side, post op there is some leakage between the valves in his heart. Currently he is on some blood pressure medication for it, but the bottom line is that it will require another surgery to correct. This may be 6 months from now, it could be 20 years. While we were hoping he wasn’t going to need any more surgeries, we are happy that the leakage appears to be minimal, and that the follow may be years away.
Memphis is now up to 3 baby food meals a day. He is doing a great job learning to eat correctly (and with the help of his occupational therapist, we are learning to feed him correctly), which is helping him to develop the skills he will use later for talking. He is also rapidly moving towards eating solid foods, and as of about 2 weeks ago, he is able take his bottle and feed himself.
Needless to say, we are so very proud of him.

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words, support, love and financial assistance. Again, you guys have made an amazing impact. Thank you so much.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I have some videos that I will be uploading shortly. Lots of love!

14 Nov

Home again home again.

I apologize for the lack of updates as you can imagine like to spend a little bit crazy as of late.

On Thursday Memphis was released from hospital and we were allowed to go home. Since leaving the hospital, he’s been doing an exceptional job recovering. He is no longer any on any pain medications aside from the occasional Tylenol and is regimen of medication has dwindled to two heart related ones. Those might be removed shortly after we meet with his cardiologist near future. In addition he has been doing great with smiling, laughing more, eating better, and overall having a happier and more active personality. We are so incredibly proud of our little man.

I like to thank everyone again for their incredible support over the past several weeks and months. Your donations, food, love and well wishes have meant a great deal to us. I know I’m beating a dead horse on this one, but it really really really means a lot to us.

3 Nov


Yesterday Memphis had his chest tubes and backup pacemaker removed and has been taken off the oxygen. He had a slight fever which seems to have broken just after it was noticed. He has some blood word pending to double check for infection, but so far its looking like it was just a post op response.

He appears to be feeling much better today. He how has the use of both his hands back (there were a few days where both hands had stints, and he wasn’t able to use them at all) and has been way more alert and playful.

Yesterday (and some of today) he has been having some gas/stomach issues. His belly has been SUPER hard and he’s been so bloated that his innie belly button has
become an outtie. We gave him some prune juice, as well as some meds to help with gas and that seems too have solved the problem.

There is a chance we will get discharged today, though Thursday is still more likely. They are talking about moving us over to 7North (which is the transitional unit) later today, which would likely move us towards home a little faster.

Thanks again to everyone for the love, support and well wishes. It means the world to us.

2 Nov



Here’s what Memphis’ insides look like. You can see the pacemaker on the bottom right side.

Pretty cool.

1 Nov

Back on top.

Memphis had his pacemaker installed this morning, and made it through the procedure without incident.

He has one chest tube draining the excess fluid, and his temporary pacemaker is staying in as a double backup until tomorrow. He s back on oxygen, but it has already been reduced, and he is still doing very well on the lower amount.

Theoretically we could head home as early as tomorrow, but Wednesday or Thursday are more likely.

31 Oct

Bumps in the road.

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Memphis had issues sleepping the night before, and those issues continued into the day and next night. In addition to staying up for almost 36 with nearly no sleep (he would sleep for a few minutes every 12 hours or so) the central line in his ankle had become too loose, and was leaking some of his fluids. We aren’t sure how long this was going on for, or what medications he might have only gotten partial doses of. Once this was discovered they moved it to his left hand. This freed his feet, but now he has IVs in both hands which have to be secured with splints to prevent him from moving the wrist and causing the same leaking issue.

Needless to say this has not made him, or us, very happy.

Since about 10 pm last night his backup pacemaker has been pacing his heart. It’s likely been on because of the steroids Memphis started yesterday in an attempt to strengthen his heart and try to restore the electrical connectivity between his 2 chambers. These can occasionally have the oposite of the intended effect and seems to be the case with Memphis.

After speaking with his surgical team this morning we have scheduled his surgery to install the permanent backup pacemaker for tomorrow morning. While we were hoping his heart would fix itself, we are happy to have the process to get him out of here officially underway.

We’d like to thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts, and urge you to continue.

Lots of love,

29 Oct

Less is more.

Last night Memphis was taken off of his pacemaker and put on a backup pacemaker. This lets his heart beat completely on its own, but the pacemaker kicks in if his heart rate drops too low. During the night it did turn on a few times, which indicates that we might in fact be coming home with a backup pacemaker. We have been aware of this possibility since the beginning and obviously want whats best for him.

While writing this his doctors decided to remove his chest tubes!

They did an x-ray of his chest afterwards, and everything looks clear.

The road to recovery is far from over, but Memphis has made so much progress in the past few days. We are so proud of him.

29 Oct

More Progress.

Today Alexis was able to hold Memphis!

The Memphis Borelli Financial Relief Fund